1.  Chrome/Stamping entry must consist of a set of 5 individual manufacturer tips. The length must be no longer than 2” in length and no wider than 3/4” if they were flattened out. Tips must be graduated in size by length. The design must encompass all 5 tips, but tips must remain individual. Design with a base of Chrome and then artistically decorated with a stamping technique. The color of Chrome is your choice.

2.  Competitors may submit more than one entry but must pay a registration fee for each entry. If submitting more than one entry, only the points from the highest scoring entry count towards the NP Individual Cup or Team Cup if you are one of the top 5-point earners.

3.  The type of stamping you do as well as colors you use are also your choice.

4.  You may use as many or few colors for stamping or chrome. Metallic colors for stamping are allowed.

5.  Your Chrome application should be completely smooth and shiny. THE CHROME MUST COVER THE ENTIRE NAIL, SIDES AND CUTICLE AREA!

6. All nail extensions must only be professional products.

7.  Any shape, length or nail type is allowed. You will be judged on length and shape.

8.  Nails must have a flat surface. No build-up of any kind is allowed.

9.  You may not enhance your original stamping design with hand painted designs or by adding paint to the stamper with a brush to make a decal look like a design.

10.  Topcoat or UV gel sealant may be used.

11.  Competitors may NOT use any copyrighted art, designs or logos. Competitors may use a similar version of copyrighted art, design or logo but they must not be identical to the original. If artwork does not follow criteria judges will determine point deductions.

12.  Chrome/Stamping will be judged in the following categories: originality, visual interest, color, length & shape, balance, design, stamping technique, detail, overall impression, complexity, workmanship, chrome application

13.  Any Chrome/Stamping design that wins, or has already won, first place at a NAILPRO competition cannot be reused by the winner or copied by other competitors in subsequent NAILPRO competitions. The NAILPRO competition staff reserves the right to disqualify any design it considers too similar to a winning design.

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