FiveStyle© Sculptured Nail

Judge 1

Smile Lines - 10 Points

  • the smile lines are crisp (definition between pink and white)
  • the smile lines are symmetrical and consistent (even points and equal curvature)

"C" curves - 10 Points

  • the curvature of the nail enhancements is symmetrical and consistent
  • the depth of curvature is a range between 40% and 50%
  • the percent of curvature enhances the model's nails
  • if nail enhancements are oval in shape, consideration will be given for the apparent lack of curvature at the distal edge

Cuticle Area - 5 Points

  • the product is flush to the natural nails and close to the cuticles
  • the model's skin at the cuticle area is in excellent condition (free from abrasions)
  • the product at the cuticle area, must be as shiny as the rest of the nail

Shape - 10 Points

  • the shape is symmetrical and consistent individually
  • the shape is symmetrical and consistent together as a set
  • the shape must work on the model's hands

Judge 2

Product Control - 5 Points

  • the product is completely free of air bubbles and pits
  • the color of the product is consistent
  • the skin is free from all products

FiveStyle - 10 Points

  • the FiveStyle are innovative and new
  • the FiveStyle are executed well

Surface Structure - 10 Points

  • the top surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured
  • the bottom surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured

Lateral Structure - 10 Points

  • the nail enhancements align perfectly with the sides of the natural nails
  • the arches of the nail enhancements are structurally balanced

Judge 3

Length - 5 Points

  • the length, measured from cuticle to the end of the extension, is consistent with the shape of that nail. Some nails may be longer than others to show the shape in the best light
  • the length is ideal to the shape and style of each nail

Complexity - 10 Points

  • the FiveStyle is demanding of skill
  • the FiveStyle is complex and challenging

Finish Work - 5 Points

  • the entire surface of the nail enhancement is smooth and very shiny (absence of scratches)
  • the edges of the nails are smooth and finished
  • the nails are thoroughly clean (absence of dust)

Overall Impression - 10 Points

  • the nails complement the model's hands
  • the thinness should be consistent for competition-style nail enhancements (the thinness of a business card, approximately 0.01 to 0.03 inches, is ideal if design permits)
  • the entry has a certain WOW FACTOR!
  • all rules have been followed


Scoring Guide 2 Hands

10 = Flawless
9 = Almost Flawless
8 = Very Good
7 = Good
6 = Above Average
5 = Average
4 = Below Average
3 = Poor
2 = Very Poor
1 = Unacceptable

Scoring Guide 1 Hand

5 = Flawless
4 = Very Good
3 = Average
2 = Below Average
1 = Very Poor

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