[3 in One] Tip & Overlay

1.  Competitors will complete 5 nails (one hand) of competition-style nail enhancements using clear or natural tips. White tips and/or any type of forms are NOT allowed.

1a.  Competition-style — The ultimate standard of perfection for all nail enhancements; a set of nail enhancements that have:

•    A sleeker, more dramatic look

•    A shape that ranges from extreme square to extreme oval (stiletto)

•    A 1 to 1 ratio of nail bed (pink) to free edge (white), measured from the center of the smile line

•    Product thinly applied near the cuticle area, reinforced at the stress area, and tapered to the free edge so it is equal to approximately the thinness of a business card (.01-.03 inches)

•    Consistent "C" curves between 40% and 50% (144° and 180° arc)

2.  Competitors may either use liquid-and-powder acrylic products, light-cured gel products.

3.  Only sheer pink, clear, and white enhancement products may be used. Enhancement products containing glitter and/or any other color are NOT allowed. Cover pinks are not allowed.

4.  Moons must be included at the base of the nail on the unpolished hand and must be sculpted.

5.  Embellishment(s) may NOT be used.

6.  The model’s natural nails may be prepped for product application before the competition starts, but product may NOT be applied until the competition starts.

7.  No colored products of any type (unless specified) may be applied to tips prior to attaching them to the natural nail.

8.  Only unaltered clear adhesives (gel-type, brush-on, tubes, etc.) may be used to attach tips to the nail.

9.  No products, such as inverted tips or any “cookie cutter” products may be used to form or assist in making a smile line. All smile lines must be done with a brush by hand. White gel is only allowed when using all gel 

products. White gel polish is never allowed.

10.  All files and buffers must be clean and unused and free from additives including oil; electric files may not be used. You may NOT use any file to refine the smile lines.

11.  Water only may be used. Cleansing products (soaps, etc.) and moisturizing products (oils, creams, lotions, bowls with anything in them i.e., marbles, rocks etc.) are NOT allowed

12. The nail enhancements on ONE finger (matching finger of the sculptured nail hand) must be polished with red cream polish if using acrylic and if using gel, a red color gel may be used. Base coat and topcoat are NOT allowed.

13.  The nail enhancements on the unpolished hand must be French style (pink/clear and white), finished to a high shine and completely free of polish. Gel sealant may not be used to finish to a high shine.

14.  The underside of all nails must look the same.

15.  Tip & Overlay will be judged in the following categories: smile lines, “C” curves, cuticle area, shape, product control, moons, surface structure, lateral structure, length, polish or color application, finish work, and overall impression

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