FiveStyle© Sculptured Nail 


1.  Complete one hand of FiveStyle© competition-style sculptured nail enhancements using flat paper or metal forms. Tips and adhesive are NOT allowed.

2.  Each design must be distinct from each other.  Styles must be unusual style and design.  You must think out of the box. 

3.  This competition is about style and shape.  We want to see 5 shapes of nail extensions.  Square and regular stiletto cannot be used.  For example, the wedge, bridge, lipstick, edge, Russian almond, blade, arrow, or something new that you create.  Remember it is the structure of the nail that dictates type of nail you are going to produce.  

4.  Each nail must have a different structure quality. "C" Curves will be judged in accordance with the shape created.  Meaning they will most likely NOT be created in the traditional "C" fashion.  Smile lines may be done in support for that nail shape!

5.  Competitors must use liquid-and-powder acrylic products or light cured products only.  You may not use white gel paint or white gel polish.   

6.  Only pink, clear, and white enhancement products may be used. Enhancement products containing glitter and/or any other color are NOT allowed.  Cover pinks are allowed and may be used to elongate natural nail bed. 

7.  Embellishments may NOT be used.

8.  The nail enhancements must be French-style (pink/clear and white), finished to a high shine and completely free of polish. Nail plate may be extended.  Gel sealant may be used to finish to a high shine.  Or you can buff to a high shine.

9.  FiveStyle© Sculptured Nail will be judged in the following categories: smile lines, “C” curves, cuticle area, shape, product control, FiveStyle, surface structure, lateral structure, length, complexity, finish work, and overall impression. 

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