Extreme Stiletto Design

Judge 1

Lateral Structure & Shape - 10 Points

  • the nail enhancements align perfectly with the sides of the natural nails
  • the arch of the nail enhancements is consistently placed
  • the shape is symmetrical and consistent individually and as a set

Finish Work - 10 Points

  • the entire surface of the nail enhancement is smooth
  • the entire surface of all nails are very shiny (absent of scratches)
  • the edges of the nails are smooth and finished
  • the nails are thoroughly clean (absent of dust)

Surface Structure - 5 Points

  • the top surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured
  • the bottom surfaces of the nail enhancements are smooth and perfectly contoured

Design - 10 Points

  • the design is complete and needs no improvement
  • the design involves multiple techniques
  • the design has kept within the color range of the theme

Judge 2

"C" curves - 10 Points

  • the curvature of the nail enhancements is symmetrical and consistent
  • the depth of curvature is a range between 40% and 50%
  • the percent of curvature enhances the model's nails

Product Control & Cuticle Area - 10 Points

  • the product is completely free of air bubbles and pits
  • all products are completely controlled and the color of the product is consistent
  • the model's skin is free from all products
  • the product is flush to the natural nails and close to the cuticles
  • the model's skin at the cuticle area is in excellent condition (free from abrasions)

Complexity of Design - 5 Points

  • the design is challenging, demanding skill and effort
  • the design involves multiple techniques
  • the complexity of design is apparent

Detail - 5 Points

  • the detail of design is clean and precise
  • the design has adequate detail
  • the detail enhances the design

Judge 3

Length - 5 Points

  • the length, measured from cuticle to the end of the extension, is consistent between matching nails (pinkie to pinkie, etc.) and in proportion to each other
  • the required length has been followed and was measured to comply

Color - 10 Points

  • the colors enhance the design
  • the colors complement each other
  • the colors are well thought out and placed

Balance of Design - 10 Points

  • the design is completely thought out
  • the design complements the color
  • various elements of the design are well-balanced, neither too sparse or too busy

Overall Impression - 10 Points

  • the nails complement the model's hands
  • the thinness is suitable for competition-style nail enhancements (the thinness of a business card, approximately .01 to .03 inches, is ideal)
  • the overall entry is complete and needs no improvement
  • all competition rules were followed


Scoring Guide 2 Hands

10 = Flawless
9 = Almost Flawless
8 = Very Good
7 = Good
6 = Above Average
5 = Average
4 = Below Average
3 = Poor
2 = Very Poor
1 = Unacceptable

Scoring Guide 1 Hand

5 = Flawless
4 = Very Good
3 = Average
2 = Below Average
1 = Very Poor

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