Soak-off Gel Application – The Other Side

NON-DIVISIONAL *No novice winner upgraded to veteran level. 


1.  Competitors will have 30 minutes to complete Soak-Off Gel application.  Work must be applied to natural nails only.  You may NOT use RED or White!  Any other colors are allowed, but the color portion of both hands must be the same color!

2.  No enhancement products other than soak-off gel polish may be present at the station. No regular gel may be used in any capacity or point before or during the competition.

3.  Competitor will have all products to be used, out and displayed on station for inspection of floor staff before competition begins.  Items must be in original containers that clearly read Soak Off Gel.

4.  No typical manicure will be performed during the competition. Model’s nails should be prepared for soak-off gel polish application before competition start time is called.

5.  All files and buffers must be new.

6.  Cleansing products are allowed.  This includes oils and moisturizers.

7.  The natural nails of the traditionally pink and white hand (competitor’s choice) must be covered in a Traditional French-style using ANY COLOR EXCEPT RED and/or WHITE.  The nail bed should still in a French 

style, using pink soak-off gel polish.  White soak-off gel polish color must NOT be used on the free edge, which means NO WHITE and NO RED- it must be any other color.

8. The natural nails on the opposite hand must be covered with Dark-style any color except red soak-off gel polish. 

9.  No artwork is allowed.

10.  Soak-Off Gel - The Other Side - will be judged in the following categories: smile lines, shape, soak off gel polish application (French colored-style), finish work, cuticle area, surface smoothness, and soak off gel polish application, product control, length, lateral view, color balance and overall impression.

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