General Competition Rules & Information

2020 Qualifications

NAILPRO® Competitions NAILAPALOOZA ASIA are open to all beauty professionals licensed or qualified to perform nail services. Current students and beauty professionals from states or countries in which licensing is not required are also eligible to compete. Proof of licensure or qualification (such as school enrollment certificate or letter confirming salon employment) may be required. You must have access to a computer.


**   Competitors may only turn in one entry per category!

1. Read all rules, General and Individual (competitions you are registered for) carefully!

2. Models are NOT allowed to wear any jewelry on their hands, wrists or arms, including watches. Failure to comply will result in a deduction of 5 points in the category of overall.

3. All Entries must be sent and arrived by the designated time. All who fail to comply will be automatically disqualified. Late arrivals/entries will not be accepted.

4. It is the responsibility of the competitor to be sure all entries are received. You must EMAIL and confirm receipt of documents as well as the number of photos received.

5. All work must be completed by the registered competitor. If NAILPRO® finds this rule has been violated, the competitor will be prohibited from competing in any NAILPRO® or NAILPRO® run competitions for the period of one year.

6. Any competitor found not complying with the NAILPRO® rules before, during or until the close of the event is subject to disqualification, and must return any and all prizes to the NAILPRO® Competitions staff. He or she will also be prohibited to participate in any NAILPRO® or NAILPRO® run competition for one year.

7. When submitting your photos and videos, please include in the email how many photos you submitted. It is your responsibility to be sure we have received all of your information. You must check to be sure they were received.

8. NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA / WATC® are not responsible for submissions that are lost during transmission.

9. Photo/video manipulation of any form is not allowed and submission will be disqualified. PLEASE DO NOT WATERMARK YOUR PHOTOS/VIDEOS.

10. All Photos should be at a resolution of 300dpi and saved as a jpeg, png or tiff.

11. You MUST submit 5 images and at least one video of each entry.

Extension competitions: Top perspective, thumbs, C-Curve, lateral views right & left, and Overall impression video.

Nail Art Competitions: Top perspective, Overall impression video, and four detail photos/videos.

*Please see NAILAPALOOZA Photo/video submission document for exact specifics. It is your responsibility to be sure we have received your entries in their entirety.

12. Submissions with incomplete information or missing forms will not be judged.

13. Upon NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA receiving your submission you will be automatically sent a confirmation email. If you have not received it within 3 days of the due date, it will be your responsibility to make sure you receive this e-mail. It will be the only way to be sure we have received your submission.

14. Any photos or material that has been used in any other competitions or photographic nail competition are not allowed and will be disqualified.

15. You may not use the same photos more than once.

16. Any photos submitted must have correct numbering and correspond to submission form emailed.

17. The finalists at each level are viewed simultaneously during the scoring process. Finalists are evaluated in ten categories; each category is worth a possible ten points, ranging from 1 (Unacceptable) to 10 (Flawless) except where otherwise noted. Each of the three judges is responsible for three to four categories. The categories for each competition are listed in the rules specific to that competition. Only finalists receive score sheets and points towards NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA-KOREA 2020 Grand Championship. Score sheets will be delivered electronically upon request.

18. The competition staff calculates the final scores, and the judges verify the placements before excusing the finalists. Any ties will be broken by the Head Judge. The decision of the judges is final.

19. Competitors will receive recognition and certificates of participation electronically. Once the winners have been announced, the competition staff will release and send score sheets to the finalists via e-mail. The judges are available to answer questions and make suggestions for improvement via e-mail.


For rule clarification, please contact the Competition Message Center at e-mail

1. Upon registration, competitors and their models give consent to WATC® and all of its properties to freely use in any form or manner they seem fit for WATC®. Publisher’s magazines, websites and projects. In addition, to reproduce all photographs, videos or such taken at the show, including those taken by photographers. Not limited to anyone working in conjunction with NAILPRO® Competitions. All photos, images and videos or film shot are property of WATC® and may not be used without written permission. Your registration is considered as a signed release.

2. Themes: Are guideline rules. If the themes are not followed disqualification or point, deductions are possible. Decision will be that of the NAILPRO® Competition staff and will be announced during awards ceremony. Please note when a color or shades of a color are given as a theme, it means no other color may be used unless otherwise noted.

3. Competitors must designate their level of experience when they register, except when competing in a NON-Divisional competition.

- A novice ART competitor has not won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL ART competition at a beauty show.

- A novice EXTENSION competitor has not won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL EXTENSION competition at a beauty show.

- A veteran ART competitor has won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL ART competition at a beauty show.

- A veteran EXTENSION competitor has won first-place in any DIVISIONAL NAIL EXTENSION competition at a beauty show.

**NEW CHANGE: Novice competitors who win first place in a NAIL ART category will have the choice to compete as a veteran or a novice ONLY when competing in future extension type categories. And must compete as a veteran for ALL NAIL ART COMPETITIONS.

Divisional Competitions: 



 - 3-D NAIL ART:  $100 Vet/Novice | $70 Student

 - FLAT HAND PAINTED NAIL ART (Gel/Acrylic): $100 Vet/Novice | $70 Student



- EXTREME STILETTO DESIGN: $100 Vet/Novice | $70 Student


- SCULPTURED NAILS: $100 Vet/Novice | $70 Student



For those competitors that were moved to veteran in the past, as a result of a NAIL ART first place win, and have not won first place in an extension type category, you may now compete in the nail extension category as a novice, however you must still compete in NAIL ART type categories as a veteran. The same is in place if you placed first in an extension category, and have not won in Nail Art you can compete as a novice. YOU MUST INFORM NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA at

**4. Novice competitors who win first-place in a Nail Art Competition award must advance to the veteran level of Nail Art for the next competition. You may continue to compete, as a novice in any extension competitions provided you have not won; a first-place is such a competition.

5. A team of competitors that wants to participate in the NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA-KOREA Team Challenge must announce their team affiliation upon registering. The number of team members is unlimited, but only the score earned by team members who make it into the top ten will count toward the NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA-KOREA Team Cup. (If a competitor joins a team, or changes teams between shows, the score earned by that competitor in prior competitions will remain with the original team.)

6. Competitors who compete on a manufacturer’s team must compete using only manufacturer’s labeled products from that company. Files and metal implements are excluded.

7. Prizes: Winners will receive medallions or trophies. Please see individual rules for detailed information. Entry fees vary depending on competition. Please see individual rules for information.

8. NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA utilize analytic scoring to judge the entries. Three judges preview the novice entries and veteran entries as two separate groups. Non divisional competitions use the same preview and judging system.

9. There must a minimum of 4 competitors in each competition to proceed as planned. This means 4 each in veteran and/or 4 each in novice. If a competition fails to be held, the novice entrants will be judged in the veteran division for that particular competition only. There will be no refunds of registration fees.

10. New rules, competitions and/or new information are not up for discussion. Any ideas for improvement may be presented via e-mail to at the end of the competition year only.

11. NAILPRO® Competitions ASIA are a showcase for the nail industry. The NAILPRO competition staff expects all participants to conduct themselves in a professional, sportsmanlike manner.

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